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Nov 16, 2016

Hi there.  Just had to share our christmas card photo with you.  Heidi is an amazing puppy.  We love her to pieces.  Can’t wait to get another.  Maybe spring.  Hope you are well.  Keep an eye out for a must have puppy or retired parent for us.
Thanks, Romana


Nov 20, 2016

Hi Meghan,

I want to send you some pictures and a quick update on Mr. Rocky! He’s just the cutest little thing with the most perfect personality. Anywhere and everywhere we take him, he’s the star of the show! We get so many compliments on how cute and sweet he is. He’s adjusting well to his new home, and we could not be any happier with him. He’s perfect! We will continue to send you updates. Thank you for raising such an amazing little guy!
Best regards,
Nov 16, 2016

Hi Meghan!

Yes, I have him! We made it home about an hour ago, and he’s adjusting so well! He’s been playing and running around and seems like he feels right at home. We absolutely love him. He’s so adorable! I’ve attached a couple of pictures of him. It’s so hard to take them because he’s so excited right now! I’ll send you more soon! Take care.


Oct 27, 2016

Hey Meghan this is Karen Deliere.  I purchased King Tut (AKA Cooper).  I thought I would let you know how he is doing.


I want to thank you for all you did for him before I got him.  He was easy with the crate and sat on command.  He has had numerous obedience lessons and is just fabulous.  Everyone likes him because he is really handsome and disciplined.  He just loves people and kids but doesn’t do well with other dogs.  I am working on that right now.  If you recall I didn’t want a “BAD” dog.  I have also come a long way with him as well.


He is definitely my dog, follows me everywhere and can’t seem to be without me.  I love it.  He will be a year old soon and weighs about 12 or so pounds.  I have been taking excellent care of him, at least I think so.  He has had all his shots and not due again until February, 2017.  He was neutered at 6 months.  Heart worm and flea and tick tabs are given every month.  I brush him every day, give him teeth cleaning chews, and he is groomed once every 5 weeks.


He has his Dad Boon’s face and his Mom Sophie’s body.  He also is very agile and learns very quickly. –( Rings bell when he has to go out, sits when someone comes to the door and waits for them to pet him, he jumps and spins, stays on command, comes when called, doesn’t get on furniture unless I allow him).  I am always trying to teach him something new and I think he likes it.  Everyone commented on how easy going he was when he was growing up.


I always check your web site and look at all the pups but love King Tut the best.  He is just a wonderful pup.  Don’t know how I lived without him.  Just thought I would tell you about him and that he is in good hands because I know you care and take excellent care for all of your pups.  They are the best!


Hope all is well with you and your family and, of course, your furry friends.


Nov 8, 2016

Hi Meghan! Fin finished his puppy class and has moved on to puppy #2 and basic obedience. I started to teach him “shake” a couple days ago and he’s already got it down. He continues to brighten our day and we love him! Here’s a pic of him on one of our walks recently wearing his new fall bow tie. He’s the most dapper puppy in town!


Hi Meghan,

Finley started puppy training a few weeks ago and he has done amazing! Not only does everyone think he’s gorgeous- his nickname around the training facility is “the cute puppy” and we have even gotten a few requests that he do his own calendar (one lady said she would buy a few just for herself), but he has excelled in the training itself. The trainer said that he is by far the smartest and most well-tempered miniature schnauzer that she has ever worked with and she loves him. He picks things up very quickly and every new challenge that he is presented with in class he passes with flying colors! We also just visited the vet and she said that we are very lucky because he is such a special dog (which we already knew!). Everyone that meets Finley falls in love with him- both people and dogs. He really is so awesome and we cannot begin to thank you enough for breeding such an incredible dog. Thank you so much, and we will continue to send you updates on Fin and his training!

Here is a picture of Fin with his Halloween bow tie (he is due for a visit to the groomer very soon here):


Oct 4, 2016

We are so in love with our two lucky 7 puppies. They are so loving to us and to each other. Little Zanni is doing very well with training, she comes, sits, and stays. She finds the potty pads every time, she has had no accidents. She has been to 2 of my doctors visits and was a quiet sleeping puppy in her first restaurant. She’s well on her way to being a therapy dog. We love her, thank you so much for these wonderful additions to our lives. You provided us with the best puppies. The way you start them lives with them the rest of their lives. Thank you so much.


July 3, 2016

Thank you Meghan!
I did a lot of research for a new fur baby after losing my 14 1/2 year old Jack Russell, Jackie.
I kept coming back to Lucky 7 Schnauzers and I am so happy I did!
We now have 2 babies Lucas and Lacey and we love them so much.
I did ask tons of questions and they were answered promptly. 
Meghan helped me make decisions as we live in Arizona!
Both are healthy and happy!
I can’t help myself, I still watch Lucky 7 videos and photos!
Thank you again,


July 25, 2016

Our Pepper (aka Pepsi) will be 3 months old tomorrow. We got her a few months after we had to put our 16 year old cocker, Snowball, to sleep. From day one, she’s been a total joy to us. She has a great disposition and she’s healthy. Pepper loves to learn new things and to please us. My husband and I laugh as she hops around the yard like a little bunny or zooms around chasing her toys or some imaginary thing! Pepper sleeps well, eats great, and she’s been easy to train. Best of all, we love it when she gives us a big hug or a face full of kisses! We are so thankful for Pepper and for Lucky 7 Schnauzers. No regrets! Thanks Meghan!


Oct 5, 2016

Best experience ever. My puppy Bristol arrived healthy and happy and is doing wonderful. Meghan is very patient and answered my MANY questions throughout, and is actually still doing so and always quick to respond with helpful ideas and info. After alot of research, this place is the absolute best and I strongly recommend it to everyone interested! My girl is 3 months old, arrived 100% leash trained, crate trained, eats and sleeps great and is a happy little soul all around. 


I am 110% pleased with our puppy. He is as smart as he is cute. He is everything the breed description promised. My husband has made me a believer in buying only AKC registered dogs. We are so proud of him. He is my SERVICE SUPPORT. Dog so he goes everywhere I do. He has made me so happy. Thank you so much for breeding as well as you do. I will be back for more. Regards. Tamara and Cliff Dey


April 5, 2016

Always available for advice and support. Stands behind their puppies 100%! April


March 22, 2016

Great to work with…really made an effort to match us with just the puppy we were looking for. Does everything right from socialization to vet checks. Keri


June 28, 2016

Meghan is a wonderful breeder who really cares about the puppies she raises.We are so happy to have found her and are thrilled with our “Oreo’s” personality and easy nature.Everyone she meets just loves her easygoing personality! Thank you Meghan for your commitment to raising the best…Pat & Jim Thyssen,Post Falls Idaho


Feb 2016

Lucky 7 Schnauzers does something that is very rare these days. They exceed expectations. We were concerned about getting a puppy without meeting it first but after describing to Meghan what we wanted she said Trigger was the puppy for us and boy was she ever right. One other big plus, their support after you bring your puppy home is amazing.


July 3, 2016

Thank you Meghan!
I did a lot of research for a new fur baby after losing my 14 1/2 year old Jack Russell, Jackie.
I kept coming back to Lucky 7 Schnauzers and I am so happy I did!
We now have 2 babies Lucas and Lacey and we love them so much.
I did ask tons of questions and they were answered promptly. 
Meghan helped me make decisions as we live in Arizona!
Both are healthy and happy!
I can’t help myself, I still watch Lucky 7 videos and photos!
Thank you again,


July 12, 2016

Thank you for our new puppy, Coco. She is doing fine and almost house brook! She is very active and sweet. Richard and Karen


July 13, 2016

you raise excellent dogs. the dog you knew as pepe is an outstanding well mannered dog and we’ll worth the $$ spent
love him. he is doing very good and seriously considering another thank you Steven


We LOVE schnauzers so much. The best little dogs ever.
We researched far and wide for a great breeder & believe we found the very best in Lucky 7 schnauzers.
This breeder & her family all help with the dogs & see to it that they get lots of socialization & hands on.
Meghan impresses us with all she accomplishes. She wears many hats, while being a veteran, a devoted wife & mom, a horsewoman, a dog lover extraordinare. This family all chips in & juggles making a living, taking care of family, rodeo, ranching, horses, cattle, cow dogs, goats, trains service animals, & breeds the best little schnauzers imaginable!
We lost two of our beloved family members, our schnauzers, Izzie & Tico, to cancer. We knew our future dogs would be carefully chosen from a responsible breeder, who does genetic testing & selects only the best pairs to have healthy puppies.
We just chose & brought home two beautiful Lucky 7 puppies & we are thrilled.
Our dogs are a vital part of our lives & we recommend Lucky 7 wholeheartedly.
We do actively support rescue animals & believe every animal deserves a chance to live. However, we also firmly believe we can choose to purchase the breeds we adore, from responsible breeders.
If you want amazing, darling dogs, save your money & go check out Lucky 7. You won’t be sorry you did.


We are so in love with our 2 girls! They are perfect for us and Hannah. Lucy weighs about 7 pounds now and Ethyl about 6. They are the best of friends! I’m so glad we have 2! They love to sit on our laps and chase each other in the big yard. Neither like swimming! We have them on a schedule. Up at 6:30, breakfast, nap from 9-11, play nap from 1-4, dinner and bed at 9. It works so well. They know sit, down, come, and sometimes stay. We’re working on leash manners.

Meghan, you gave them such a good start! They came to us crate trained and that was wonderful. Neither have made a sound after being put into bed since we got them. They are so bright! This is because of the breeding! You stand behind the quality of your pups and that is rare from breeder’s. Continue providing excellent puppies. If you ever need for us to talk to someone about them or if anyone around here want to see one of your puppies have them contact us!

Linda Weiner


We made it home safely💜

Got the babies out to play & potty several times with great success.

Ate, drank, played hard outside & in.

They both found their voices & have done great.

Thanks again for beautiful babies🐾🐾💜💜

We are so impressed by you, your family, & your pups. Such a wonderful clan.

It is a pleasure to do business with you.

We promise to take the best possible care of them in their forever home.

Jana & Lexie

We will be in touch!


I thought you might be sad about Bella so I’m going to tell you how Riley spent his day.

We’re on fall break so Riley has been exploring Glenwood Springs and Telluride.

He took his first gondola ride today and went to the top of the Telluride ski resort. He took a brief hike and went down to town for lunch (the town is very dog friendly and Riley made several friends sitting on the porch at the restaurant). He loves other dogs and everywhere we went, people stopped him and commented on his coat and color. Riley loves the attention and he has been prancing almost nonstop since we arrived.

Riley is such a part of our family; we could not leave him behind when we made our vacation plans.

I want you to know your generosity and selflessness has made a difference for so many families. I know it must be hard to part with the little guys, but you are giving others a priceless gift.

Riley sends his love from Telluride (I’ve attached a photo we took at the top of the mountain). We send our love as well.

Stacie, Jeff, Cooper and Everett

when our little pom Lucy died in May, we decided we would not get another dog for a while, but decided we would get a mini schnauzer when we were ready. when my husband had to have a serious surgery in July and would be off of work for about 9 months, we decided to get our schnauzer sooner then later. we had schnauzers when our kids were little, and our daughter now has a schnauzer because she has kids, and they are so wonderful with kids. I decided to search online and after a constant search I kept coming back to the same 4 breeders. I researched each one and decided to talk with Meghan of Lucky 7 schnauzers. she was very helpful and answered my questions. I loved the way she raised her puppies and the way her children helped to train them as well. our friends were going to visit their daughter in Utah, and they went to see Meghan for us. they told us everything was the way Meghan said it was at her place. Meghan was so easy to work with, and when it was time for us to pick up our little Bella she was so accommodating on the day we needed to pick her up. Bella is such an amazing little girl. our vet was so impressed as to how healthy she was, and was impressed by all the tests Meghan’s vet had done on Bella prior to us picking her up. Bella is a quality puppy and one of the most beautiful puppies we have ever had. if you want the best get at Lucky 7 Schnauzer, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Meghan.

Hi Meghan,
I just wanted to give you a quick update on Riley (Aztec) and our family. I don’t know if you remember, but my youngest son has special needs (a chromosomal abnormality) and I was really concerned about how he and a dog would interact. You were kind enough to discuss my concerns with me and help match us with a dog that would be suitable for our situation. I thought you might like to know how it is working out.
Shortly after bringing Riley home, my son (age 5 at the time) began to talk. “Riley” was one of the first words that we heard clearly and repeatedly. He wanted to interact with Riley and he started communicating as a result. He has a much greater vocabulary now and he is speaking much more – I know Riley was a major influence in my son’s decision and determination to talk. We take Riley to the park and other kids are immediately drawn to the small dog, so my son has yet another opportunity to practice his social skills.
Riley was so good and tolerant through the adaptation phase – I know there were times when my son was physically rough, but Riley never bit and rarely ever growled. They grew together and my son’s touch quickly became softer and gentler, not only with animals, but in his human interactions as well. Last year he would hit his classmates or pull their clothing to get their attention – this year, he has learned to speak or softly touch on the arm. Riley’s temperament was so great that I never worried about a child running up to Riley and petting him. Riley has always been calm and easygoing.
Walking Riley has improved my son’s gross motor skills and total body strength (even though he’s small, Riley packs some energy) and my son’s fine motor skills are improving as they play together. Riley is very protective and I don’t worry about the two of them being out in the yard together for short periods of time – they keep each other out of trouble.
When my son returned to school in early August, the teachers said he had developed into a completely different kid over the summer. The goals we set only a few months earlier were no longer applicable because my son had grown so much. I know Riley was a major part of that.
But Riley has been good for all of us, not just my youngest son. My older son has learned responsibility through the daily walks and feedings. He and Riley have completed a couple of 5Ks together and they are both benefiting from the exercise (I run with Riley, too, and I am so grateful for a protective, enthusiastic running partner). My husband’s stress level has seemed to decrease – he now enjoys taking time to sit down and relax (Riley is always on his lap, of course).
Riley weighs in just under 8 lbs. His coat has stayed liver and he has kept his gold highlights. We keep his hair a little longer to emphasize the gold. People are constantly stopping us to comment on Riley’s coloring. When we travel, Riley travels with us. He does well in hotels and other peoples’ homes. He even gets along with cats.
All in all, we couldn’t imagine a more perfect fit for our family. We love the little guy so much and we are so grateful he is in our lives. We can never thank you enough for trusting us with him. You will never know the impact you had on our lives. Thank you, Meghan.

Dear Meghan,
We have had our little Piper for 3 days (and 3 nights). I am mentioning the nights because she has slept through every night until our family wakes up at 6am. She has not had any accidents, she does not whine and cry. She is amazing! Everyone loves her. Even the old bulldog, Bilbo. She is so cute and sweet. She cracks us up with her pouncing play and she already loves to play fetch. Like most schnauzers I have known she thinks she is huge (even though she is daunted by the stairs) and it is funny to watch her.

Piper truly seems to love us all, Aurora is especially happy because Piper cuddles up to her and likes to follow at her heels. Our older son Braeden (Bilbo’s guy) told me yesterday morning that he loved her.

She rarely barks (when she does it is to go outside and take care of business or to get Charlie to play). I will even say that my father, who thought I was maybe insane to pay $1600 for a dog, admitted he thought she was worth it. My mother loves her (I take Piper for visits to see my mom). My mom does not have very good health and Piper makes her so happy. Piper cuddles right up.

She is such a wonderful dog and I wanted to thank you for all the time energy and effort that you invested in breeding, socializing and training her, your hard work is very evident and certainly appreciated by us.

Thank you again!

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