Our Dogs

Hi! I’m Meghan Stark, the owner of Lucky 7 Schnauzers.

I have been updating and reading through my testimonials and felt it was time I write my own on the power of good breeding and the impact dogs have had on my family’s life.

I am a busy army mother of anywhere from 5 to 7 children. I have 5 of my own, have been raising my little brother since he was 12 (who just graduated high school) and my 14 year old cousin lives with us most of the time. We are a ranching family and we live in the same house I was raised in. My father passed away in 2009 and my grandpa in 2013 with me fully taking over the family land. My husband is now pursuing his degree as a veterinarian and I raise kids, dogs, train horses, give riding lessons, and have been in the military for 12 years. We have no shortage of a love for the outdoors and animals.

When I decided to start raising schnauzers I knew they needed to be the best, and as I have been breeding animals for the last 25 years, I know the absolute importance of good genetics. In the Angus industry we have something called EPD’s which measures everything from birth weight, rib eye measurement, mothers milking ability, calving ease, docility, etc. We also do extensive genetic research allowing to test for the best and genetically superior animals who will carry on not only great performance, but easy to work, non aggressive animals.

Schnauzers are no different. Mothers who can’t whelp on their own will have puppies who also can not whelp on their own. Mothers and Fathers who bite and are aggressive by nature (not nurture) will be more likely to produce puppies who are similar in temperament. My question is, why breed bad genetics when there are plenty of good?

I have selected through careful processes parents who are at the top of their game in demeanor, trainability, and conformation. The reason these traits are so important is because of the therapy, love, and teachability this type of dog offers to my children and those who take one of my babies home.

My three year old son who is a delightful intelligent red head, can also be a challenging and explosive child. When Brogan has Molly, “his dog”, he is more calm and manageable. From the time Brogan was 6 months old and needed a hair cut (yes he had a ton of hair at 6 months) he would scream and say “owe it hurts.” Every hair cut was a battle. I have been looking for the right dog for Brogan hoping it would help. Brogan has been packing Molly with him for the last month and I am amazed and so grateful at the change she has brought about in Brogan. The real test came when he got his hair cut last week.

We went to the barber shop for the first time in a year (due to the horrible experiences he has had there I have given him all his haircuts). He jumped up on the chair with Molly and sat completely still until he was done and ended with a great big smile on his face. This was a huge accomplishment for Brogan. I have noticed recently when Brogan starts to cry or get upset, Molly comes running and touches Brogan with her nose, immediately changing his demeanor.

My goal is that every dog who leaves my home will go home with the same ability to think and love as Molly. My practices and puppy rearing are different than others I have come across. I am very hands on with all of my dogs, as is evident in their videos. I want my puppies to always add to their humans and have the best start possible, which starts with good genetics and proper handling practices. I hope you enjoy my site, my pictures, and the love my family and I put into all who come to our home, human and dog alike.